Sevanik is a small dragon who lives in Lake Sevan and has only one friend, a fluffy cloud. The cloud follows Sevanik's every move and emotion. But one day, while exploring outside of the lake, Sevanik gets bitten by a mosquito. This event leads to unexpected changes in their lives and friendship.

"Sevanik" is a children's animated short film with a unique national image, inspired by the beauty of Lake Sevan in Armenia. The film is designed for preschool children, but its themes and content make it engaging for all age groups. Through the story of Sevanik, a small dragon and his fluffy cloud friend, the film explores themes of environmentalism, friendship, and overcoming differences to find a place in the world.
The film addresses the important practical issue of integrating into an environment when feeling different. It raises awareness of how negative experiences, misconceptions, and overprotective parenting can hinder socialization. The film inspires viewers to embrace their uniqueness and use it as an advantage in the complex process of socialization. "Sevanik" is not only a heartwarming story, but also an educational tool that can help children and adults alike navigate the complexities of social interactions. Our goal is to make this film accessible first to Armenian children and then to an international audience.


Film Supported by National Cinema Center of Armenia, The Ministry of Education, Science, Culture And Sports of Armenia & UNICEF


“Sevanik” as TV series

“Sevanik” has the potential to be an eagerly anticipated Armenian children's series, sparking curiosity about the flora and fauna of Lake Sevan, and fostering a love for the environment in young audiences. Through Sevanik, Lake Sevan can become a symbol that resonates with children, and the series can delve into a range of environmental topics relevant to the area.

Duration: 12 episodes / Total 96 minutes
Genre: fairy tale
Technique: classic animation, cut-out
Language: Armenian dialogues, with phonetic formation



An illustrated book will be published alongside the movie to enhance the viewing experience and provide additional value for fans of the animation. The illustrations in the book are more detailed and showcase not only the main characters of the story but also other plant and animal species found in the Sevan basin, adding an educational component to the book.
At the end of the book, there will be an illustrated "dictionary" featuring rare plant and animal species, including those registered in the "Red Book" of Armenia, to further emphasize the ecological educational aspect of the project. To engage children even more, we will also offer a unique "Paint Sevanik" coloring book.
The animation and book will be presented together, offering a complete and immersive storytelling experience.

We got support from AGBU for development of an original picture book and a short animation film reflecting on nature, friendship, and individuality.


We are planning to create the Sevanik game, aimed at taking our young audience on an engaging learning adventure through the captivating landscapes of Sevan Lake. This educational game will encourage players to explore the diverse ecosystem, discover fascinating landmarks, and learn about the enchanting flora and fauna that thrive in this picturesque environment. Throughout the journey, Sevanik will face challenges, answer thought-provoking questions, and participate in stimulating discussions as he strives to reach his ultimate destination - his cozy home.